Hawaii Tax Exception Reminder! #hawaii #hawaiirealestate #movingtohawaii #firsttimehomebuyer #oahu

Marina Tolentino is an entrepreneur living in Oahu, Hawaii. After almost a decade in the event industry as a wedding planner and business owner, Marina has expanded her portfolio to include real estate. With the hope of adding value to her clients, Marina launched a self-titled YouTube channel to share Hawaii life through her eyes.… Continue reading Hawaii Tax Exception Reminder! #hawaii #hawaiirealestate #movingtohawaii #firsttimehomebuyer #oahu

UNBOXING HAWAII: What It's Like Living in HAWAII

Is everyone leaving Hawaii because it’s way too expensive? Is everyone in Hawaii a surfer? Does Hawaii have an actual place to ski? We’ll answer those questions and a lot more. So let’s unbox the state of Hawaii! Aloha! That means hello (and goodbye). Welcome! We’re in Hawaii now so we have to speak the… Continue reading UNBOXING HAWAII: What It's Like Living in HAWAII