Testing Bottled Waters in Hawaii – Shocking Results

Tested the PH of brand name waters in Hawaii and the results were shocking. I always thought Hawaii had some of the best drinking water in the world but it turns out most of the bottled waters sold in Hawaii’s supermarkets are acidic. Know what you’re drinking before you buy it! Thanks for watching Vlog #13

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  1. Good information to know. But you failed to include Menehune Water, they produce water from Halawa Valley. Right now crisis with Navy fuel contamination in the aquifer. But, you only testing for PH levels.

  2. I think you are confused about what pH is good for Humans, Near the end, you say the 9.5 water is by far the best, WRONG! The normal pH for Humans is 7.35 to 7.45. Out side that range, you're very very sick, get your pH down to 6.5 or up to 8.5 and you're dead. The ideal water would be pH of 7.4 NOT 9.5!

  3. you realize alkalinity is basically just a presence of certain minerals. for example you can take tap water at a ph of 8.0 and run it through a filter and it would come out at 7.0. Alkaline water is a hoax.

  4. Hi from Hilo! I love Kona deep for its fresh deep ocean water taste. It's so hydrating! They say no impurities are in the 3000ft deep water so no filtration is needed.

  5. Hi Ryan, really interesting, thanks for testing! Another important aspect is the plastic bottles. Are there glass bottles available? The water is affected by the plastic. And there is no real recycling system for these bottles. They will land in the Ocean or cause at least C02 and other toxines in the air by the burning process. Behind all the plastic stands the mineral oil lobby. It’s cheap to produce and also subsidized. But the damage it causes to the environment I s immense So please only use glass bottles and tell everybody to do the same. Protect your paradise!

  6. Thanks bro..literally typed in acidic water in Hawaii just to see..didn't have time to grab one of three waters I normally drink which is Essentia, Hawaii Volcanic, and fiji..I saw a bottle of ice cold Pure in the fridge no one claimed and was like fuck..then I typed this in just to be sure,.and low and behold!! 😁..thanks again

  7. Make sure there's no flouride in the water and those bottles of water claiming 9.5 Ph doesn't mean it beneficial. Those are lab created using reverse osmosis and other kind of method to boost up ph level which is bad for your health. We have to drink naturally alkaline water which is created by nature.

  8. Aloha from the Big Islands! Mahalo for the video for you answered my question on Hawaii’s bottled waters. Keep it up and Shaka 🤙🏼!!

  9. I wish so much I could get Hawaiian Springs here on the mainland, I had that water on the way back here from being on Kaua'i last year, best tasting water I've ever drunk

  10. Yeah and most alkaline brands are scammers they put different chemicals like potassium chloride inbthe water to raise the sitting ph of the water but in reality it has a negative effect on your body, real alkaline water doesnt have additives and is normally either natural spring or ionized

  11. U want light green for pure water, look at a water chart and you'll see that the guy in the video has the wrong info. dark green/bluish color is bad, purple is very bad.

  12. this is toal BS. Bad info. There are many pH's in the body including saliva, blood, urine. And, IN FACT, drinking or eating anything to make your stomach alkaline can have very detrimental effects. Your stomach needs to be acid to digest food. And, your body has an acid to alkaline cycle daily. ben more acidic in the morning is normal and more e alkaline in the eve. The is more about this TRUTH here on youtube. Cheers

  13. Apple cider vinager fixes all the problems take a table spoon a day drink as much acid water as you want don't worry the ph test isn't done this way is not 100 percent accurate

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