The Best Time to Visit Hawaii | Best Weather, Smallest Crowds, and Best Prices are in this Month

As residents of Maui, we have our favorite month. But we dug into the data to prove that October is the best time (month) to visit Hawaii. Watch to find out why and what the worst time to visit is for your family vacation.

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We love data. We dug into NOAA,, Hawai’i Tourism Authority, Expedia, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, and our own personal experience to identify the best time to visit #Hawaii for your #vacation. Don’t miss out on this ideal time to go to Hawaii for good weather, low prices, and fewer people on the beach. Jordan calls these the 3 Cs: Clouds, Crowds, and Cost.

Now that you know the best time to go to Hawaii for good weather and everything else, check out our free itineraries for all the Hawaiian islands!

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The Best Time to Visit Hawaii (Good Weather, Low Prices, and A Spot on the Beach)
00:00 Intro
01:01 The best month to visit Hawaii (October)
01:34 Clouds: the best weather in Hawaii
03:19 Crowds: the fewest people and crowds in Hawaii
04:08 Cost: the cheapest time to visit Hawaii
04:59 The worst time to visit Hawaii
6:08 Other good times to visit Hawaii
07:23 Now that you know the best time, get our free itineraries for your visit to Hawaii

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  1. I was just in Hawaii. Seems like a foreign country right now and not in a good way. I generally vacation in Hawaii twice a year. Haven’t been there since 2019. I did not enjoy the trip as much as usual.

  2. Do you think I should go to Hawaii in April to may for whale watching or September to October, and do you know if the waves start to get bigger on leeward side in October? I'm trying to get the best snorkeling conditions while still enjoying the big waves and whales.

  3. I’m planning on going the second week November do you think that’s a good idea , haven’t booked anything yet just worried that it’s going to be raining all day

  4. Love the channel, always great info!! We've been to Maui several times in January and just now in August for the first time, we have always stayed in Kihei. We love to snorkel and bodyboard, and understand the effect of the north swell in January, and just learned about the south swell (snorkeling is south Maui was a bust). We would like to come back in October 2022. My question is which part of Maui would you stay if snorkeling and body boarding were your go to activities? Thanks very much!

  5. Excellent video , TY for this information ! May I ask you which is the best and reliable tour operator to do organized tours around Oahu or circle island ones ? Those who take you to nice local places , not the typical tourist traps … 🙏❤️

  6. These guys are way off about the weather. It is 90 degrees on Oahu. We think October is the worst month as we would like to be done with the heat. It isn't raining for a week ever

  7. I recently got engaged and the one thing we’ve always agreed on is that we want to honeymoon in Hawaii (Maui) and we also both decided October (of which year we don’t know yet) is the month we want so this just made me even more excited to eventually go and that it’s the perfect month! 😍

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