The Jeffersons | The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii: Part 1 | Watch all seasons now on the Starz App!

In the first part of this summer special, The Jeffersons (Isabel Sanford and Sherman Hemsley) get ready to go on holiday in Hawaii!

From Season 7, Episode 2 ‘The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii: Part 1’ – George’s doctor tells him that his blood pressure is too high and that he needs a vacation, while Tom and Helen are in Hawaii enjoying themselves enough to extend their stay for another week.

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About The Jeffersons: His cleaning business booming, scrappy George Jefferson decides it’s time to move on up to the deluxe apartments on New York’s posh east side. Thinking that this is the beginning of the “easy life,” George is ill-prepared for the unexpected pitfalls his new address will bring him.

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The Jeffersons | The Jeffersons Go To Hawaii: Part 1 | Watch all seasons now on the Starz App!



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  3. Change my change my school clothes eat me some dinner and my vegetables and I get on the floor in front of TV and I watched all my shows I love the Jefferson. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ

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    More episodes of The Jeffersons and Less episodes of Silver spoons… thank you

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