The Nightmarchers – Hawaiian Army of the Dead – Extra Mythology

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In Hawai’i, there were once powerful people, some considered to be descended from the gods themselves. These people were announced by processions of marchers and trumpeting from conch shells so that all may stand aside and pay due deference. But even in death, they continue to walk the island path. And they still demand respect. For those unwary travelers, coming across the Nightmarch can be a deadly affair.

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  1. That ending was a phenomenally well crafted tie-in to the importance of land acknowledgements. Well done, Extra Mythology writing/editing team, very well done indeed!

  2. My family is not Hawaiian but we do have a very very long history of military service the farthest back of which to my knowing is to the civil war my ancestors hailed from Germany and Ireland and possibly the Netherlands

  3. As a Native Hawaiian I’ve heard these stories of course but I’ve never heard of defecating on yourself I’ve always heard you just urinate on yourself

    But hey maybe I’m safe

    Also that’s for trying to properly pronounce Hawai’i….but Na’u is like Na…U

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