THIS Stopped Me From Being a TEACHER in HAWAII

So what stopped me from becoming a teacher in Hawaii? When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a teacher. I didn’t know what I wanted to teach, but I just loved the idea of passing on knowledge to students so that they could learn and do something with it. I really respect teachers and in a lot of ways, I wish I could join them. I think about it once in a while. However, there are enough reasons for me to pass each time I think about stepping in front of a classroom.

And I hope this video doesn’t discourage anyone from teaching in Hawaii because we need teachers. I hear about all of the vacancies for public school teachers and how the State has to often hire emergency hires or recruit teachers from the mainland. But it’s hard. And in a way, I quit teaching before I started.

And maybe if you’re a teacher in Hawaii, you can leave a comment that may encourage others who may be looking to teach in Hawaii.

Intro – 0:00
My Old High School – 0:46
Intro continued – 0:50
My Teaching Background – 1:22
Reason #1 – The Pay – 1:54
Breakfast Break – 4:36
Reason #1 continued – 4:58
Reason #2 – Admin Work – 5:25
Reason #3 – The Parents – 7:41
Closing Thoughts – 10:36

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