THIS Stopped Me From Being a TEACHER in HAWAII

So what stopped me from becoming a teacher in Hawaii? When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a teacher. I didn’t know what I wanted to teach, but I just loved the idea of passing on knowledge to students so that they could learn and do something with it. I really respect teachers and in a lot of ways, I wish I could join them. I think about it once in a while. However, there are enough reasons for me to pass each time I think about stepping in front of a classroom.

And I hope this video doesn’t discourage anyone from teaching in Hawaii because we need teachers. I hear about all of the vacancies for public school teachers and how the State has to often hire emergency hires or recruit teachers from the mainland. But it’s hard. And in a way, I quit teaching before I started.

And maybe if you’re a teacher in Hawaii, you can leave a comment that may encourage others who may be looking to teach in Hawaii.

Intro – 0:00
My Old High School – 0:46
Intro continued – 0:50
My Teaching Background – 1:22
Reason #1 – The Pay – 1:54
Breakfast Break – 4:36
Reason #1 continued – 4:58
Reason #2 – Admin Work – 5:25
Reason #3 – The Parents – 7:41
Closing Thoughts – 10:36

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  1. My dad taught many years ago. I remember my dad staying up late at night to grade papers. He taught chemistry, physics and math. A lot of work goes into grading those subjects. At one small town school my father also coached football and taught too. The pay was way too little for my parents to raise 5 kids. My dad had learned carpentry skills from my grandfather. Eventually my father became a full time union carpenter which paid much better.

  2. The issues in Hawaii are not much different from the issues of teachers in many places on the mainland. My husband taught for 31 years in Junior High in Oakland CA. He retired at around $38k
    He worked for a decade as a sub in elementary school. I have 2 credentials,but found teaching extremely difficult so I have been leading family singing groups in the Bay Area for almost 50 years.
    Teachers are given a thankless job with too many kids in a classroom, equipment that doesn't work, no support, all the things you refer to. Our kids are from many different cultures and many different language are spoken at home. There are countries where learning is encouraged, but the US doesn't seem to want to be among them. Teachers and some principals are doing the best
    they can. As a nation I feel we must honor educators and value education. Participating in Parent, Teacher, Student groups at your school is a good starting place.

  3. As an educator in Hawaii I have to say you nailed it. In Hawaii we are more concerned about testing and students passing than having healthy expectations and giving ownership of development to parents. 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  4. Common core is a huge issue for me! At 47 years old, it's very different and strange in comparison to my education specifically in elementary math. What are your thoughts?

  5. Be careful, Some one might confuse you with a republican. I totally agree with you on almost all of your points my wife and i both were going to be teachers/coaches but neither of us were willing to get physically or verbally assaulted by parents and or children. Alll the world needs is personal Accountability. Take care of your self and your own its not the goverments job to raise your kids and the world would be a much better place.

  6. Investigate by asking teachers especially in poor areas like Pahoa, Hawaii, it's so sad, because there are so few attempts to find solutions! Also investigate charter schools, too! A great resource is Dr Ku Kahakulau, it is possible if dedicated educators would pull experience and resources together!

  7. Aloha I am an elementary teacher at a public charter school. My experience is incredibly positive and the families at my school are super involved in their keiki’s education. Would love to talk story about unique schools in Hawaii outside of just the DOE schools 🤙🏽

    I agree that it would be helpful for colleges to help prepare teachers for the “admin” work the profession involves. I graduated from UNC in Colorado and felt this program gave me lots of prep and confidence when entering the profession and staying in this career. 🐻

    Thank you for your kind words to teachers in this unique state 🌺

  8. It should be all on the child whether they do well. Not credit to teacher or parent. The kids in Hawaii have lost some of their ability to dream. Limited job sectors. The telescope on big island could have been a boost to science education and jobs. Got to stay rocks. Maybe with COVID Hawaii will diversify its economy more. The cost of living is the problem and it’s fixable. The salary should be fine.

  9. I am a theater teacher and I do it because I enjoy seeing kids grow in the performing arts. I’m also grateful though that my husband isn’t a teacher and I can do something that I enjoy.

  10. I homeschooled and taught middle and high school at coops fir a decade. And #3 is it! Discipline and respect start at home. I'm grateful the kids have a different kind of school with tech opportunities here. But yes it is not easy to teach and definitely not easy to let people learn accountability

  11. You need to add a segment on the disruptive technology called a "smartphone". I'm retiring at the end of June. I'm high school science teacher. It's reached the point I ignore the phones because we can't take them, students won't put them away, and parents think it's our job to manage to phones. Now I just inform parents their child is failing because of their phone. When the parent tells me "Take the phone", I tell them "That's your job". I now limit my responsibility to informing the parent the phone is destroying their child's education – putting the responsibility back on them.

  12. I taught for 6 months after graduating from UH. I had a biology degree so not a teaching degree. My mom wanted me to become a dentist and not a teacher. So I did what she wanted. They are very underpaid for what they do. I would have loved to stay. It was a tough job.

  13. I went to KCC and UH for Elementary Education……..tutored at Ala Wai Elementary for qualification for awhile. Teachers would ask me ‘why”? I made more money hand over fist with benefits at the hotels than I ever would teaching.

  14. FYI, while we donʻt teach during summers and winters (except for those who teach summer school), we donʻt get free money. Every paycheck, some money is taken out in order to be distributed during the months when school is out. We have the option of holding that money so we get a slightly larger paycheck during the school year, but then we wouldnʻt get a paycheck during summer and winter. So the money we get when school is out is the money we actually earned during the school year.

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  16. Thank you for your comments.

    As a retired educator for over 30 years, I spent a rewarding career teaching mathematics, computer science and multimedia at numerous elementary and high schools; I was also a technology resource teacher 
    for the Campbell Complex and a state computer education 
    specialist. I also taught educational technology courses at the University of Hawaii Outreach College. 

    I was an administrator but switched back to teaching because of my desire to be closer to the field over salary.

    The current salary scale is great compared to the early 1980s. I even worked at the cannery in the 70s at $2,10/hr.

    To become a great teacher is to be a guide on the side and not a sage on the stage like some university courses.

    A great teacher can inspire all students at all levels. The College of Education do offer mentoring with teachers.

    Good Teachers Are Strong Communicators. …

    Good Teachers Listen Well. …

    Good Teachers Focus on Collaboration. …

    Good Teachers Are Adaptable. …

    Good Teachers Are Engaging. …

    Good Teachers Show Empathy. …

    Good Teachers Have Patience. …

    Good Teachers Value Real-World Learning.

    Your intro brought great memories since I student taught at McKinley High in 1983. Some of my students are retiring and I have made life long connections and enjoy seeing their growth throughout the years contributing to society. These connections are worth more than a high salary career.


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