Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Honolulu, Hawaii

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Honolulu, Hawaii and the worst things you NEED to know about moving to Oahu, Maui or Kauai!

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What’s it like living in Honolulu? Well first off, it’s on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and it’s almost always a sunny paradise… If you can afford it. The weather here is perfect, and you’re surrounded by water on all sides! It’s actually the capital and largest city in Hawaii, and along with Kona, Hilo, Kailua and other Oahu beach towns, one of the best places to live in America. So why are people leaving the Hawaiian islands? Well, Honolulu is one of the most expensive cities in the United States and is the most isolated major city in the WORLD!. If the Aloha State has a high quality of life with the most beautiful beaches and sunsets on earth, why shouldn’t you live in Honolulu, Hawaii?

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you all enjoy Honolulu, Hawaii and thank you so much for your support these past few months! And feedback you've given on how I could improve my videos. I really appreciate it and LOVE making these types of videos! We're gonna finish 2019 strong and hopefully upload MULTIPLE videos a week in the new year!
    500 LIKES for a video on Alaska?! And what other video ideas do YOU want me to do too?

  2. Where the hell is this guy getting his info? I’ve seen ONE nudist at a public beach in Honolulu outside of that tiny nude beach at Diamond Head, which almost nobody ever goes to.

    And Hawaiian time doesn’t work like that. Every job I’ve ever worked at, you can’t just come in whenever and leave whenever…and you can’t just take however long you want to get your tasks done, the customers will be livid if you made them wait TWICE AS LONG as he said. 🤦🏽‍♂️ This is a horrible representation of Honolulu.

  3. Stayed in honolulu wasn't impressed way too many homeless and the people not any friendlier than rest of the country maybe more relaxed but not friendlier.southeast Asia has the best beaches and people USA is way too overrated and too crowded and competition is everywhere.

  4. My older brothers live at Honolulu, and I live in Hawaii. It’s actually fine. Nothing was bad and im still commenting this after 1 year ago.

  5. Yes I know I lived there for four years alot of bugs and exspensive all though me and my wife at the time approved for section 8 that and food stamps and medical that was a big help so we didn't notice the exspensive that much cause of getting county assistance

  6. But all in all it was a great place to live I worked as a security officer there and also one of my daughters was born there and my grandmother is native Hawaiian so I'm part Hawaiian even though I was born in New York city now live in Florida

  7. The buildings look so communist waaaa it's too ugly i want them to look more democratic waaaaaa waaaaaaa omg hot sunn waaaa aaaaa im crying so much also the dirt is from the tourists i have literally seen flying cockroaches in my house like 3 times

  8. The political part shouldn't be that high up or on the list at all. People are not as team sport politically charged in Hawaii, they lean towards Democrats but it's more background, not something that is a major part of their identity and daily life. It's not the same as moving to Portland and even how most people are in Portland is exaggerated by right media. But if you're really politically polarized and bring it up all the time, then yes, you will not like it anywhere that isn't vast majority Republican but that is more of an issue with you. As for buildings, I believe the white paint is chosen to keep them cooler from the sun but some different styles and fewer tall buildings would be better. It would have been nicer if Honolulu wasn't so population dense and instead they had spread out across more space on the coast (to an extent, too spread out isn't great either). But one major issue is a lot of the island does not have space for sandy beaches, it's often abrupt with the coast with a lot of rocks / hardened lava, and where there are beaches, the natural sand color is often darker and more coarse, not as appealing as lighter colored sand. The homeless and cost of living problem is a national issue. The more appealing cities in the US cost a lot more, Republicans do not have a magic solution to that, lowering taxes isn't going to reduce income inequality and make places affordable. It requires real government intervention and despite what Republicans claim, Democrats are a capitalist party, they just are not as corrupt and harsh as Republicans and offer a bit more bandages and crumbs, but both still ultimately serve the interests of the wealthiest unfortunately.

  9. Visiting for the first time in a couple weeks, and I couldn't watch any further after you were crapping on liberals. Sorry, Republicans SUCK. Anywhere where Republicans aren't, is great for me and my family!

  10. Hawai'i is a nice place to live if you can make enough money to live. if you are moving here for the sunshine or ocean and surfing its fine but it not that easy like when you were a tourist , I live in waikiki and just a block away from the ocean and I havent been to ocean for past 3 years and a half because I dont have time from working. I can make the time for it but it feels like wasting time. Seriously.

  11. Ive never heard, read, seen, felt, or tasted someone who had island fever in hawaii. They usually always extend their visit for a couple days or even a week!

  12. Hawaii is one of worst states in United State, salary really bad
    Cost of living really bad
    Far from everything
    People work hard like hell to make some money
    And all stupid racists
    So Hawaii look like shit 👎

  13. “It’s too hot.” I went to Vegas in the summer, it was way hotter than Hawaii. Hawaii is usually 70-85 degrees in the summer. Vegas is 90-115 degrees.

  14. LOL 4.5% sales tax and 11% income tax (for the highest bracket) San Diego "Here hold my beer" lol The sales tax is double in San Diego and the income tax is like 5% higher for mid range people

  15. I will never forget the 6 years I spent living in the Hawaiian Islands. The scenery is remarkable, the ocean is magical, but the "locals" totally ruin it. Countless times I remember having random Hawaiian "locals" who I had never met before, come up to me on the beach or in the water and say things like, "Hey you f***ing Haole, get out of here or we are going to cut you up and feed you to our pigs," and they were as serious as a heart attack. For those that don't know, the term "Haole" is a derogatory term used for white people, kind of like "Cracker" or "Woodpecker". Hawaii is full of some of the most degenerate, illiterate, uneducated, lazy, xenophobic a**holes I have ever met in my life. And what is ironic is that most of these "locals" are descendants of immigrants themselves, having grandparents or great grandparents that came to the islands in waves of migrations from far-flung places like Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines and Portugal to work in the sugar cane or pineapple fields. Thank God I discovered the 7,100 islands of the Philippines, where living in the tropics is affordable, youngsters still respect their elders, and where its citizens follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, every time I fly to the Philippines from Los Angeles, I take a giant turd about 5 hours into the flight and flush it into the atmosphere to remind me of what Hawaii means to me. I will never waste my time or money on Hawaii ever again, not even for a free stopover.

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