VIXEN (HAWAII) – Escape The Night (Made In Hawaii Ep – 1983 / Marty Friedman)

Escape The Night
early Marty Friedman’s HAWAII
Made In Hawaii Ep – 1983
US Power “Female-Fronted” Epic Metal!!

Marty Friedman – Guitar
Kim La Chance – Vocals
Jeff Graves – Drums
Kimo – Bass

Hawaii was a band formed in 1982 by guitarist Marty Friedman (Megadeth) originally formed as “Vixen” in 1981. Hawaii was the only one notable band from Honolulu, Hawaii. After Hawaii split up, Marty formed the band Cacophony with Jason Becker.

Vixen: This is the story of one of the biggest names in heavy metal. This lady was quite well known, especially in the underground scene. Names like ALOHA, VIXEN, HAWAII, MALISHA may sound familiar to some of you readers. This is the story of KIM LA CHANCE. It starts in September ’81, when Kim joins Hawaï’s first heavy metal band VIXEN (not the Janet Gardner outfit) together with Jeff Graves-drums, Paul Escorpeso-bass (ex-MANICA) and Marty Friedman on guitar (who came from the Washington based band DEUCE). Friedman’s name will also return in bands like ALOHA, HAWAII, CACOPHONY and today MEGADETH. They record a 5-track demo tape after two months containing “Angels From The Dust”, “Secret Of The Stars”, “Lady Savage”, “Living In Sin” and THE ANIMAL’s cover “House Of The Rising Sun”. April ’82 brings a second demo, again with “Angels From The Dust” and “Escape The Night”. In that same year, Mike Varney (boss of Shrapnel Records) selects “Angels From The Dust” for his compilation album “US Metal II”. He choose the version from the second demo, because it’s much faster and better. And VIXEN records another demo containing “Angels From The Dust”, “Living In Sin”, “Beg For Mercy” and “Escape The Night”. This also leads to the departure of Paul Escorpeso, who soon was replaced by a guy named Kimo. In ’82 the band recorded the 5-track album “Made In Hawaii”, which was released by Azra Records in ’83. It’s a shame that this masterpiece only came out one year after its recording. On the one-sided EP, we find the songs “The Young And The Reckless”, “Living In Sin”, “Escape The Night”, “Rocking Me Hard” and “Beg For Mercy” (with a short interlude of “Aloha EH” at the end). The first and the last song are instrumentals. Kim’s vocals are high and therefore very recognizable. Sometimes, she even sounds like an opera singer.