Want to Live on Hawaii Island?

So you want to consider a move to the Big Island of Hawaii? We asked a group of folks who are considering a move to Hawaii Island their most pressing questions about things like jobs, health care, loneliness, island fever and more. We answered each one in this video, so get your notepads ready!

Update 2021-If you are considering moving here by renting a place first, we are in a rental home crisis and folks on the island are scrambling for housing. Now is not the time to compete with the locals on housing. Thank you.

Who are we to answer these questions you may ask? We have over a decade of living here in both Kona and Waikoloa Village and have HAD the problem of lack of jobs, health care, etc! So, grab your Mai Tai and join us for this conversation.

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“Insiders Guide to Buying a Home on the Big Island of Hawaii” https://www.365kona.com/product/insiders-guide-buying-home-big-island-hawaii/
“How to Move to Kona”: http://bit.ly/HowToMoveToKona2019

A Little Reading with Some Tips: 5 Things NOT To Do When Moving to Hawaii: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/5-things-not-to-do-when-moving-to-hawaii_b_6861470

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  1. I thought seriously about it but changed my mind after talking to locals, checking utube videos etc. My reasons I can not stand rats,lizards especially in my home. The videos I saw from peoples home cameras about all the people on their property stealing stuff, scary!!!! Crime is bad over there, another friend was visiting some one of their friends in Hilo area and told them the police won't come to house without back up because crime so bad. I don't want to drink my water from off the roof to a tank. You have the highest electric bills in the United States according to the records. I knew that about the medical, I know people who moved back because of it. Oh and let's not forget that the locals don't like white people, even have that special name for them. I am not writing this to cause trouble but if I did not know people who. Live there or really checked into it these are the things I found out, you even have Facebook groups dedicated to all the theft over there so people can be aware. I know it is a lot worse on the hilo side but the kona side so expensive that most people can't afford it and if I pay 1500 and over for a one bedroom place I would like it to have a dishwasher inside and I was really surprised that for the price at what the rentals offered.

  2. I am a psychiatry student planning on applying to and moving to big island to do my residency, based on what you guys said about health care there, do you think this will be easier to get because of the demand or harder ? Great video !

  3. I grew up on Maui and I'm a UH Manoa grad. Now my sister and I are moving to the Big Island after having lived all over the world. We miss It SO much! We are buying houses in Hilo and can't wait to return. I will say that while living on Oahu, I had island fever, but then again, Oahu is much smaller than the Big Island. Thanks for this video!

  4. The best lifestyle — freedom . . . independence . . . travel . . . "unlimited potential" — is being a digital nomad/doing remote/online work.

  5. What car shipping service do you use from the west coast. I have looked up several from Northern California and it was 2,500 per car so would love to find 1000.
    We have small compact cars.

  6. my wife and I are considering moving to the big island. I have spent the last 28 years living in Japan My wife is Japanese most of our children are grown and gone now we want to move to Hawaii to be in the middle between her Family and mine all of our grown children are super excited by the idea my wife is a licensed beautician in Japan I have always adapted the majority of my skills is in construction and physical Security I am a vet so I have my VA loan that I have not used yet i completed the VA application process earlier this year and was pre approved for $280'000.00 for a VA home loan. do you think the big Island would be a place we could earn a living and live?

  7. Dude you have to speak up, move your mic, or turn the music down. I can hear Julie ok, but I really have to turn it up to hear both of you. I did enjoy the video though and great info – thanks !

  8. When I left the island I had to give my car away, I even paid for the transfer fee. Lol 🤣 I couldn't sell it in time. I gave it to single Hawaiian mom with 4 children. Someone I didn't know ❤️ I'm sure that happens more often than you'd expect.

  9. Hi. Love the video. Are there jobs for Registered Nurses? My wife is an RN and I’m a Gas Utility worker. We’re thinking about buying a 2nd home and eventually retiring out there. My wife would continue to work for a little while. I’m 8 years older than her. Thank you

  10. Aloha! Moving to Oahu soon! (yes I know you are on the Big Island) One thing I tell people when asked, "What about Island Fever?" My answer is simple. Anywhere a person lives, they rarely travel farther than the size of most Hawaiian Islands. If they do, they get on a plane. Also, living in Hawaii, one must understand kama'aina time. Relax, smile, and enjoy all that is offered. I feel and share these things as I lived on Oahu from 1983 to 1986 and then again from 1993 to 1996, and now am able to move to the Islands permanently. Malama pono!

  11. Hi, "Honolul Freight Service" linked to PASHA and Matson when I clicked shipping under "Less than container Load." Did you have to pay them also or was the fee only once through Honolulu Freight Service? I am hoping to move around December 2020 and no later than January. My personal thing are a little less then what your single pallet on your video showed. Mine would be around 5x5x5. And is there a weight figure added to the cost besides the cubic measurement?

  12. Incredible! Informative, thorough, nice transitions, I like how they ask each other what each other thinks too! What a wonderful couple! I appreciate all of your help, a lot, thank you, thank you, thank you. This video has and is going to help me for a long time. I'm book marking it, there is so many facts that is going to help me. May I provide something? I think you should add something about Hilo? Think about this. When I clicked on this, I thought about Hilo. It's more affordable, it's about costs. Now, take into consideration, the title states the island as a whole, so when I clicked on it, I thought it would talk about more than Kona, however, you've only mentioned Kona. I heard about Pahoa and a few other places a little. Please, put some stuff on Hilo in there!

    I'm hoping to bring some natural medicine to Hawaii. Thank you, both of you.

  13. My wife has 2 jobs lined up, 1 in Kahului and the other is in Honolulu. She does property management and has an opportunity for us to work together at a Condominium with a free 4 bedroom town house onsite in Honolulu. The one in Kahului is for an apartment complex and also free housing on site. Honolulu is a little more money than Kahului but we're very excited to get over there and get started. Looking to be there late March or very early April. We love your videos and have watched almost all of them. You guys are very informative and helpful. Look forward to seeing alot more! 😎🌴🤙

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