We Pretend To Send Ourselves Overseas To Hawaii Again! (skit) Kids Fun TV Family Vacation

We Pretend to Send Ourselves Overseas to Hawaii Again! (pretend made up skit) This video is a skit and is fake. All events are staged and there is adult supervision at all times. We didn’t really send ourselves anywhere but this is a silly skit we filmed as a pretend video.
We mailed ourselves overseas to Hawaii! In this fun and playful SKIT, we pretend we get mailed to one of our favorite places! A beach in Hawaii! See what we do on the journey, the fun games we play, the adventures we have, and how we pass the time. We pretend we mailed ourselves overseas to Hawaii and had some family fun! Check out the fun beach we spent our family vacation fun on!

Check out our first “We Pretend to Send Ourselves Overseas to Hawaii” video here:

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