When LOCALS and TOURISTS Don't Get Along in HAWAII – REACTION and Analysis

I recently saw a video about an argument and confrontation between a local guy and a group of tourists in Hawaii. It’s sad to see things like this happen, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about when locals and tourists don’t get along. The context of the video is that the guy was trying to warn the tourists about the dangers of Queen’s Bath on Kauai, which is a very dangerous place. Things got heated and resulted in an altercation. As a local from Hawaii, I’m trying to provide some perspective on this situation in hopes that people can learn from it. I’m not here to take sides or rant because I wasn’t there and can only base my opinion on what was in the video.

Original post on Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/n4vw7c/kauai_hi_tourists_get_aggressive_toward_a_local/

Intro – 0:00
Things to Consider – 1:44
Breakdown of Situation – 4:23
What Can We Learn From This – 13:06

Filmed on the Canon Vixia HF G60.

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  1. Locals, Kananka Maoli, there is no point in having the Aloha spirit anymore towards HAOLES. These Covid carriers are everywhere trying to push their entitled BS, spreading disease as they did throughout history, taking the Aina from Kanaka Maoli the same way they held Queen Liliuokalani by force in Iolani palace to overthrow the Kindgom Of Hawaii in 1893. Public Law 103-150. To enunciate as friendly as possible… I'm sick of you HAOLES!!! I headed to Queens Bath tomorrow fo light some HAOLES up. Bring your sunscreen foreigners…Aloha

  2. I think the best thing to do is just not go to Hawaii. Especially if you're White. I'm White and I would never go there. Why would you go to a place where people hate your guts? Stop going to places where you're not welcome!

  3. That is not the first time i hear about tensions between locals and tourists. It is absolutely useless to try to analyze who is right and who is wrong in such a particular case. That is probably a general antipathy which can start from any excuse no matter what a particular reason is. That is sad. Just be careful, respectful and avoid conflicts. Just assume there are SOME people who are no glad to see you here no matter what.

  4. Back in the 70s and 80s it was the same. The tourists, specifically mainland halles, were always entitled. Treated locals like uneducated natives. Could get bad. Even the military personnel were not the best. I'm white and I was able to observe this first hand. Course near all my friends were locals so i knew what it was like. I doubt it will ever get better. Other tourists were not near as bad.

  5. A great video on this subject. People who live here need respect and tourists are not all bad. The issue is the conflicting experiences. Need to get along and be corrected. Side note I have seen in person people visiting reacting to children being naked at the beach. That's just normal here lol.

  6. I live on an island thats a tourist hotspot, especially now we opened our borders to a neighbouring country, and I deliberately ignore all tourists now. I've had so many experiences where they just rock up here and treat the locals as if we're the visitors or they treat you like you're beneath them.
    I get dirty looks for walking pass them on the beach. They don't like it when you talk to them or say hi, which is a huge thing us locals do here, it's just being friendly. They take pictures of the families cemeteries we have here.
    They also walk all over and drive their cars on locals land, some even drive through a residents home to get to the beach. When you walk into the shop they stare at you and the shirt you're wearing that's slightly dirty from working in the taro patch, as if looking like that is disgusting, us locals don't care about this aslong as you don't leave muddy footprints in the shop.
    We are workers over here, some of us feed our families through the land. We have a culture here that we share with everyone. When you visit us you will most definitely be living amongst locals.
    I know not all tourists are like this but since covid, these tourists popping up are the worst I've ever experience. Please show respect wherever you go and respect will be given back.

  7. They so entitled and literally purposely try to start stuff then claim victim when something happens to them. No respect thats why they get beat up. Just called out tourist today at the beach. They literally came 2 feet from us smiling giggling and laughing because they thought it was funny to piss people off. There is pandemic and even if there wasn't why would you literally stand right where we were playing for over a half hour being inconsiderate. I told him there is a pandemic and a entire empty beach and to move. He lost it claiming he was a cop well buddy your not one here. They come as karens with there stupid attitude and wanna be victims after starting it all. No respect at all and the entitlement oozes out of them.

  8. So this altercation illustrates what your other video had a hard time understanding on what it's like growing up Asian-American on the mainland for the most part, & why race issues are taken seriously. Here you have white ppl trying to impose & flex their 'superiority' even over a local. Imagine being viewed as the offending 'foreigner' everywhere you go. Nonetheless, fantastic objective breakdown. You should be a professional conflict mediator!

  9. There are entitled people in all walks of life, but it does not surprise me one bit that the guy who went agro and got all up in the local's face was wearing a Trump hat.

  10. Don't act rich and special in hawaii and respect the land and people like everywhere in world respect land pickup dog mess and forget the so called mine attitude .we all have the same intentions on living unless your selfish if so live in the wilderness alone and avoid humans

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