Where to Stay in Waikiki, Hawaii | A Tour of The Royal Hawaiian (our favorite on Oahu)

Looking for where to stay in Waikiki, Hawaii? Want a place right on Waikiki Beach? Our favorite hotel and where we stay whenever we can is The Royal Hawaiian. Erica will give you a tour!

Looking for more information or want to book The Royal Hawaiian? Here is the direct link to the property (no middlemen). Note, this link helps us make more videos as we earn a few dollars when you click it, at no additional cost to you!

This video sounds like a sponsored video but I assure you it is not. Erica was very excited to share The Royal Hawaiian with you as it is our favorite hotel, unbiased review here. Our viewers and readers always ask us for our favorite places to stay on each Hawaiian Island. You will find more of these videos coming out as we share our favorite places to stay around the islands.

Always shop around for the best hotel deal. We recommend booking directly with the hotel when you can so you have the most control over the reservation.

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Now that you know where to stay, finish your Oahu, Hawaii vacation planning with the best Oahu itinerary on the internet.

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  1. We stayed here in May and absolutely loved it! The service was great! Also, the location is central to everything in Waikiki and it was get to other parts of the island from here. We'd definitely stay here again.

  2. I just love your YouTube channel. We are going to be in Maui in late August early September for my birthday. I found you looking for tips when traveling to Maui but what made me subscribe was that your son is about the same age as my son. Seeing you do certain activities gives me confidence to do that with my little one. All your videos tend to be well focused on family travel with the occasional sprinkles of info for those without kids. I found that refreshing in comparison with other travel YouTubers who often are much younger and have a lot less ideas to offer to families with small children. Thank you!

  3. I wish I could get in contact with you two and talk about the trip I'll be taking next May! I'd love to get more in depth details! The island that I've researched the most and am most fascinated by is Kauai.. I hope to hear from you soon! 👍👍

  4. We went in March and last month, loved it so much we're going back in October! Lol this time we're staying at The Royal Hawaiian 😁

  5. Agreed! We've been staying at the Royal for 20 years now. We love coming back. Enjoy the Mai Tai Bar and have spent many afternoons there enjoying their tropical drinks. The staff there are just wonderful. Going back (finally) in August and again in September….maybe even again in October! Thanks for the great video!

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