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What is the best Hawaiian Island to visit for you? Don’t ask your friends, ask two Maui residents who share the sights, scenes, highlights, and who each Hawaiian Island is best for. Pick an island and then grab one of our itineraries: https://thehawaiivacationguide.com/itineraries/

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We love #Hawaii, that is why we moved to Maui. But we try our best not to be biased toward Maui. We love visiting all the Hawaiian islands. Let us take you on a tour of Kauai, Maui, the Island of Hawaii, and Oahu so you can decide what island you want to visit.

Once you decide, check out our website and free itineraries to make the rest of your planning a piece of cake. Mahalo for watching!

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Chapters for Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit
00:00 Intro
01:45 Kauai – The Garden Isle
03:39 Maui – The Valley Isle
06:01 Hawai’i – The Orchid Island (Big Island)
08:00 Oahu – The Gathering Place
10:31 Island Hopping and Hawaii Vacation Planning Tips

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  1. Kauai is my favorite…ohau when I liked nightlife gonna try Maui next wish I could get on niihau my husband has a Hawaiian friend who has been there ..I'm soooo jealous lol and thanks this is a great video picking the island for your likes is very important

  2. Maui is very beautiful indeed and I liked it more and more over the years. It definitely has better weather than Oahu. But after staying there for 2 weeks the driving around gets old quickly. The geographic configuration of the island makes it very tedious to drive around the island. For hiking, Oahu is way better where things are closer and easier to get to. Yes Haleakala is beautiful, but who wants to go there every day?!

  3. I’m planning to go next year for my 30th bday with my family! I’m leaning towards Maui! Which hotel would be best for a celebration???? And where’s the best snorkeling in Maui?

  4. I love both your energy and sooooo informative! 🥺🙏🏼 subscribed 🤗 im planning on visiting and its so difficult to choose! Im traveling solo and you literally just made it so much clearer for me im still contemplating between quiet or loud lifestyle but you helped a lot! 🙂 amazing video edit as well btw

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